Tuesday, October 21, 2014



On Saturday 11th October 2014, Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari Breast Cancer Awareness committee organized a talk on the very fast growing cancer in todays women.
The talk was held at the Muslim Bhadala Jamat. Approximately 75 ladies attended and benefited from this.
The talk was conducted by Gynecologist Lion Dr. Mala Jamal.
A survivor of this killer disease volunteered to talk about her experience and that how she is coping up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



On Monday 15 September 2014, Jaffery Academy (Secondary Section) Mombasa presented a cheque of Ksh.58,000/- to The #Lions #Club of #Mombasa #Bahari towards #Breast #Cancer #Awareness Program.
President Lion Akil Adamjee thanked the children of the school for making a great effort towards the
fund raising to help this great cause. He said that the donation will be put into good use in our Breast
Cancer Awareness Program. He also promised that after the activity is done a report with pictures will be sent to the school.
President Lion Akil receiving the donation cheque from the headmistress Ms. Valentine Nguti as Lions Dr. Mala and Mayuri look on.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


On Saturday 21st June 2014, the Members and Guests of Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari came together at Bliss Hotel Mombasa for the Club's 19th Installation Night. Lion Zainul Dar, the Director of Events, flawlessly took the entire program to the Grand Finale when Lion Akil Adamjee was installed as the 19th and youngest Club President of the Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari. The Chief Guest and Installing Officer was the past District Governor Lion Murtaza Dungerwalla.

Outgoing President, Lion Rashida Pirbhai, gave a detailed account of the various activities, water paans and medical camps that were carried out during the previous Lionistic year. She also presented the various convenors with gifts for the excellent work they had done during her time as President.

Lion Akil in his acceptance speech introduced his Convenors for the new year and also gave a brief outline of how he wishes to use social media to increase the club’s awareness online and try to bring in new young members. Lion Akil concluded by thanking the past president Lion RASHIDA and presented a token of appreciation on behalf of the club.

After the formal function all the invited guests, members and spouses enjoyed the well laid out buffet by the hotel.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


On Sunday 25th May 2014 members of Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari together with Past President Lion Niraj Chawla of London (Acton) Lions Club and the Contractor of the Water Pans Project visited all the four pans in Ganze in Kilifi County. The pans were official handed over to the local communities.

These pans, which our club embarked on are built in the remote area of Kilifi County. The four pans are named ‘Simba’, ‘Chui’, ‘Kiboko’ and ‘Mazaro’. The two large pans will hold 3000CuMtrs of water and the small ones will hold 1600CuMtrs. The community have been requested to use the small pans for their domestic animals and the large ones for their home use and farming.

With the rains all the pans were full to capacity and already the community were benefitting from them. Some have even started farming in the surrounding areas.

After handing over Simba Pan, we all were invited to Maoja Primary School were prayers and songs were said by the elder and school children. Lion Niraj was also made the local elder and was given the local name of Maoja Soldier.

The club also planted two trees, one at the Chui Pan and one at the School.

The club is very fortunate that these pans were fully sponsored by London (Acton) Lions Club, Lion Dr. Khanubhai Babla and the family of V. K. Hirani Suppliers.

We Baharis salute them, and on behalf of the communities we say ‘ASANTE SANA’.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

XI Lions MD 411 Convention in Kisumu.

DG's Appreciation Award presented to Lion Mary Mwami Region Chairperson - Region D

Representatives of Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari - Lion Mary & Lion Mwami get ready for the parade at the XI MD 411 Convention in Kisumu on Sat 3rd May 2014!!

DG's Appreciation Award presented to #Lions #Club #Bahari for #Water #Pans #Project in the Samburu and Kilifi Area

Thursday, March 27, 2014

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